Lightning and Imagine Dragons

5:04 AM

Recently I had a chance to cross an amazing experience off of my bucket list. Thanks to my sister I got to go see Imagine Dragons live in Manchester. She came over so she goes there with me. It has definitely been worth waiting in freezing cold weather and having your lips turn purple.

 We have both been their fans for years now and I never realized how much I wanted this to happen. Just standing there right under the stage. Surrounded by people. Knowing you all came there for same reason. Have fun. Show love. Support. Forget about everything going on in your life just for a little.
And as I was there singing along with Dan , dancing my ass off, looking up at the confetti that was falling down towards us, I felt peace and love from everyone around. The energy was unbelievable. As the first few notes of 'Believer' came on, you could see how everyone around you felt the song go right through them. We all knew we are capable of anything. We were true Believers.
It was just amazing.

Like guys, you know I don' t talk about anything I don' t think is reaaally worth mentioning. This should be on top of your list weather you heard of Imagine Dragons before or not. Bets concert I will ever go to. Hands down. So if you ever get a chance to see them, do it. 

 Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

a place called common

Not so Common in the place called Common

8:57 AM

Recently I have visited Manchester for the best concert I have been to so far. I am pretty sure that this experience will be very very hard to beat and will pretty surely stay in top 5 for a long time. You know it is one of those things where only things like, becoming an auntie, parent, endless love or solving a world hunger etc would make life better. But more about that in another post.

Here I wanted to share a different experience. Something that made my stay in Manchester better. As I stayed over for a night (traveled there with my sister) I needed a nice place to get breakfast. Sister is a huge coffee lover and little expert on the best of best. I am a known foodie. We stayed in Northern Quarter almost Picadilly Gardens area. So where should we go for breakfast that will make the whole concert experience sink in nicely?! Common!
Sweet little-ish place on Edge Street surrounded by plenty other artistic, as my sis says-hipster, cosy and very affordable, friendly staffed places. As you walk towards Common, there is no chance of missing the colorful entrance. Happy Hi and Hello from all sides as you walk in and warm feeling from the heaters we have been die-ing for.


kiss your valentine

4:45 AM

RED.- One of the classiest lip colors, flirtiest and most valentine appropriate. I have loved red lip since I was an youngster. Tried different brands, shades and combinations. Currently I have one TOP mix of products and what a better time to share it with you, then on the Valentine' s day week?! 


Bbb-Birch Box numero One

10:31 AM

If you have been my reader for a while, you know that a 'Me time' is real important for me. It is my way of cleansing not only a body but also mind. Switching off and only focusing on myself. Trying out new products, feeling how tight or cold a face mask gets, how soft or rough the skin is or anything else that is - me, me, me! Being bit selfish for a while. As I pamper my clients all day everyday at work, this is sure well deserved haha.
So, I gave myself a rule. In 2018 I have to try new stuff and take care of myself. My body, beauty, health and mental state. As a start I decided to finally get myself onto a Birchbox trend. I have been thinking of ordering a monthly subscription that it offers for a while. And as a combination of my plans and new rule, this seemed like the best time.


Wa Wa Wow

2:00 PM

I am becoming a sucker for online shopping. It is hella risky, especially being a plus size girlie, but there sure is something to it. As I am busy with work, traveling, taking care of house etc, this is obviously much easier then going out and bumping into people or waiting in lines. Plus , now that all social media advertises all different shops and apps, it is basically impossible to not get lost in the world of online shopping spree. And so I found this RUE.
What a beauty. I am so obsessed. My shopping cart can' t possibly get any fuller. I am actually scared of ordering something as it might cause an obsession. My bank account would not appreciate that.
But I do feel the need to share my biggest loves with you. Oh and no this is in no way sponsored or anything. I just really like do like their pieces.

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